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About ChassisPro

Scott Black, owner and founder of ChassisPro, fell in love with automobiles at an early age.  At 14 years old, he got his first car - a 1967 Camaro.  With the help of his Dad and brother, the Camaro was transformed into a stout little street car for its' time.  Scott would drive the Camaro throughout High School until his senior year.  In the Spring of 1990, Scott took ownership of the first vehicle that he completely transformed - a Chevrolet S-10 pickup.  Modifying this truck, Scott would learn the critical metal working skills that he uses even today.  

In 1991, Scott purchased his first Mustang, a 1986 5.0L Mustang coupe.  Six months later he installed his first Nitrous Oxide kit. On July 1, 1991, Scott took the Mustang to the track for the first time.  A year later, a broken transmission led to Scott's complete redesign of the car.  In 1993, the Mustang debuted with a complete transformation. 

Scott Black's Mustang circa 1986
Scott's Mustang new in 1986
Scott Black's Mustang circa 1993
Scott's Mustang after it's first rebuild in 1993

Later that year, Scott won his first national event (AMRA) and the Mustang would be featured in Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords magazine.  As the car got faster, Scott realized the importance of safety, so in 1994 the Mustang went under the knife to get mini-tubbed and a 10-point rollcage installed.  Little did Scott know this would become the start of his career in the fabrication industry. 

Over the next several years, Scott wento on to build many racecars as a part time hobby.  After having worked at several race and restoration shops, Scott decided he wanteda shop of his own.  In 2000, ChassisPro was created.  Still a part-time business, Scott slowly built up his customer base.  In 2002, he brought his Mustang back out of storage to once again compete on the racing circuit.  Scott campaigned the car in the short lived Pro Series Fastest Street Car Series Cheap Street class.  In 2004, the car was once again changed, this time to run Drag Radial. 

On October 1,4 2004, Scott got news that would change his life - he was going to be a dad.  June 4, 2005 Hayley Dial Black was born.  Once again, Scott put his racing career on hold in order to concentrate on his family. 

On January 1, 2006, ChassisPro Opened its doors for the first time as a full-time race shop.  With a built-up client base and business booming, Scott went full time in the world of hot rods.  In July 2006, ground broke on ChassisPro's new 3600 sq ft. facility. With the addition of space to house a full machine shop, the new facility would allow ChassisPro to expand its business from not only building race cars, but to building muscle cars and Street Rods as well.  Once the new shop was complete, it was time for more help.  David James and Lynn Rogers were brought in to satisfy the growing needs of the customers.

Now in 2008, plans are to expand the shop once again.  The new addition will house a new state of the art paint booth as well as other much needed equipment.  Look for exciting things to come in the next few years. 

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